08 January 2016

For the Love of Writing

Continual Journeys - and my other blogs - may give you an indication of what I like to write, and how I go about doing so.  Writing is, from my experience, a journey in itself.

Good writing often involves retreating from the outer, social and natural worlds, at least for a few moments, as does good editing.  My blogs, though, are merely drafts of my ideas.  They have only received a small amount of editing.  My task in writing them has primarily been to put my ideas in a relatively permanent form, before I forget them.  Editing can probably occur later.

What sort of literature do you value, and how, and why?  Does the literature you most enjoy reading, and perhaps even writing, or editing, involve any sort of journey?

04 November 2015

For the Love of Travel

If you have thought about the romance of travel, and even about your travels as a quest, and as a guest, you may have thought about love, loss, life and nostalgia in a variety of ways.

You may love travel in terms of sentimentality.  On the other hand, you may think it is often unreasonable to have a love of travel.

You may travel because of love.  You may travel as if someone now departed is always with you.

Your nostalgia may, alternatively, be related to homesickness.

Your love of travel may relate to your reflections on times and places.

You are very welcome to add a few relevant comments to any of my blog posts.  I like reflecting on the views of other people.

Here are links to my other three blogs: 

Exploring memories and experiences of life, through an intensively quiet and focused approach to living, can be very beneficial.  The pursuit may even contribute to global prosperity.

If you have a love of travel, you may or may not know when and why moving onwards is appropriate.

31 October 2015

Time is a Journey in Itself

In a world where everyone is expected to be a specialist, there is still room to be fully human - by thinking of time itself as a journey.  To be a specialist is to restrict a sense of identity to a particular social role, instead of being a traveller through time and space.

The journey through time can go backwards, forwards and around in circles.  It may or may not involve space.  It may even be a journey deeply into the present moment, retreating from both past and future.

I began this blog in 2009, introducing this writing journey.  I reflected, at that time, on travels in relation to the past, present and future.

Adventures can even take people to places in other times, in their imaginations.  This is even possible just by reading.  Yet reading, and even watching television, can seem more meaningful after being in the place described.  While saving to travel, gaining knowledge of a place through books and other media will inevitably shape expectations.

Journeys of self understanding are the most important.  You may be wondering if there will be any point in travelling very far in the future, except in the hope of survival.  Even the journey to earn an income may change.

I am interested in why some people like to travel and others do not.  I am interested in how people go about planning their travels, their reasons for doing so and the intrinsic rewards before, during and after particular travels.  If you have reached this blog because you like travelling, have you ever thought about the cultural and historical reasons for, and rewards of, your various journeys?

It is possible to travel online in the land of Blog - where time can often fly! 

Time can also involve journeys within relationships, especially when seeking or finding a soul mate.  Rather than having the same interests, shared values are often found to be the true basis of stability in relationships and societies.  Yet it often takes time to know what we truly value.

If you consider your time to be valuable, why travel?

Having visited almost a quarter of the states in the world, and more than a quarter of the states in the United States of America, and all the states in Australia, I am reasonably well travelled.  I have given those places and their people my time, too.  I was not merely passing through.

My family history blog, Ancestors Within, is also a social history and cultural history blog.  I often reflect on memories, whether my own or those of other people, and gather documentary evidence of multifaceted ancestral journeys.

Thinking about time as a journey can involve thoughts about saving money and energy, saving the planet and avoiding unnecessary work.  This may sometimes involve the use of telescopes, microscopes and public buses.

Thinking of time and travel often involves motivation.  Reflections may involve thoughts about journeys through time.  They may include reflections on the purpose of journeys, on various levels.

You may have reflected on objects from past times.  You may also, quite probably, have reflected upon, and planned for, times and places for sleeping.

You may even have reflected upon your entry into the world

I hope you will gain a deeper understanding of the world during your future travels, and have fun along the way too!